Fishing Report and News about Pyramid Lake Re-Opening

Pyramid Lake is really the only local fishery worth talking about this week. Other area lakes are still frozen and the rivers are all blown out due to high water, rain and flooding. We have a huge snowpack in the Sierra’s and stormy weather just keeps coming. All of our area lakes are reservoirs are either full or going to be soon. This means that the rivers could remain too high to fish for a month or two.

Pyramid re-opened on February 18th after over a month of being closed due to rain, mudslides and road damage to both paved and beach access roads. The lake is only open between Shot Dog Beach and the North Nets. This means that popular beaches to the North including Monument and Warrior Point remain closed as well as the entire lake from and including the South Nets all the way to Dago Bay.

Pyramid Lake has come up around 2 feet since the fall and it looks like it could rise another 5-7 feet by the end of run off season. There are not too many years most of us can remember when the lake came up this much. 1997 and 2005 are the only other two in recent history. This is going to change the spring fishing season a lot. It has already made an impact on most of the sandy beaches that are open. It is either difficult or impossible to wade out to be able to fish to the shelves. This is a common occurrence on big water years and it will take a big wind event from the East to sort of re-set the ledges and redefine the drop offs. On windy days the fish will move in on top of the deeper ledges but on calm days it is going to be tough. It can change any day with the amount of storms and windy days we are having.

The fishing was fantastic all weekend and many anglers caught fish over 10 pounds. Long casts with Indicator rigs and Maholo Nymphs and Balanced Leeches were as good as anything. Stripping Midnight Cowboys and Martini Olive’s also caught a ton of fish with a fast sinking shooting head.



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