Fishing Report March 5th 2017

As of March 4th 446 heading south is open. This has also allowed more beaches to open up. Tamaracks Beach heading south to Popcorn is now open to fishing. There are still three areas that are closed. Everything to the North of Shot Dog beach including Warrior Point and Monument as well as the South Nets heading south to Washout beach. Also Dago and Howards beaches remain closed. There are some severe gouges in the roads and beaches in these areas due to flooding and we may not see these open this spring.

The lake has slowed down some since the re-opener. There have even been some really tough days. The water is only 44 degrees which is only a degree or two from the normal wintertime low. High Pressure over the past few days has made it tough going. The other important thing to know is the lake has come at least two feet since the beginning of winter and it has made it impossible to wade out to the normal spots near the shelves on almost all of the lake’s more shallow beaches. This spring is going to be way different than in most years when we do not have this huge influx of water in February and March. We had this situation back in 2005 when the lake came up fast in March. There are two possible scenarios that can change the situation on our more shallow beaches. Either we can have a big wind event out of the East or North and the shelves could get reset or we will have to wait until the lake comes up another foot or two with more run-off to bring the fish into the more shallow water. The beaches with a steeper drop off on the South end of the lake are more fishable and the drop offs are easier to get to. Stormy days are going to be important to good fishing this spring as well as low light situations in the early mornings and evenings for sure. Check your depth on your indicator rigs at any of the beaches because they have all changed. Float Tubing and Pontoon Boats are going to play a key role in our spring this year, especially as the water warms up in April. We will try to keep the report up to date as often as possible as situations change at the lake.

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