Fall Forecast 2017 and Fishing Report

Opens October 1st!


The lake still has a lot of closed areas and beaches. Nothing was done all summer to fix the road to the North end of the lake. Everything North of Warrior Point remains closed. On the South End Dago and Howards are in the same situation. Nothing has been done to get these areas ready for fishing season. If you can try to avoid the first couple of weekends at the lake. It is going to be a zoo at the three or four beaches that normally hold fish (and fisherman) in the fall.

Fall Forecast – There is plenty of Tui Chubs around the West shore anywhere from Popcorn to Warrior. This is normal for this time of year and really expected. The water has come up over 10 feet since January and really helped out the Chubs and the Alkalinity levels in the lake. The surface temps are still in the high 60’s and most likely will keep fish in deeper water for another few weeks. Accessing deeper water from shore is a must for the first part of October in places like Block House and Popcorn. Dago, Howard’s and Monument all offer this type of access as well but are all still closed. Stripping streamers with a fast-sinking line or tossing spoons or Jigs in deeper water is usually the way to go in the fall. If the rest of the fishable beaches do not get opened before November it could be a really tough first few months at Pyramid. The beaches that are open hold way more fish in the spring months when the fish are in spawn mode. Most of us have been fishing the closed areas in October -February and it looks like we will not have that opportunity this year or maybe for the foreseeable future. This fall might be a great time to check out some other fisheries in the area.


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