Fishing Report April 2nd 2018

It finally feels like spring at the lake. After a really cold March, the weather has broken wide open with days in the 60’s and 70’s. The water temps are coming up fast now and the fish are cruising looking to spawn. There is some more precipitation in the long-range forecast but the storms are warm and it only looks like rain.

This is a very tough year to fish Pyramid Lake. Popular beaches are still closed to the public and the shelves are buried around the hatchery due to the rapid rise in the lake levels last year. The last time Pyramid had conditions like this was 2006-07. Going back to fishing reports from that year, anglers were doing a lot more fishing from the lake. Boats, float tubes and pontoon boats were being used to get anglers out over the shelves and a lot of the best fishing was in 10-13 feet of water. April is shaping up to resemble this same pattern. On less windy days this could be the ticket to catch more fish. On windy stormy days the fish will start to come up over the shelves into shallow water and that has been the case so far this year. As crowded as the lake is this year due to the closures and no shelves, this will also give anglers more room to spread out and fish. Maholo Midges fished under an indicator have been the most effective as always in the spring. Other flies to have for a floating line set-up are Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches in size 8 and Maholo Nymphs in size 12. If you are thinking about fishing in deeper water a deep-water indicator leader is also a good thing to have. For shooting head set-ups, Martini Olive Wooly’s, Midnight Cowboy’s and Loco Tadpoles are all good choices.

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