Maholo Nymph

The Maholo Nymph is responsible for helping to put Nymphing on the map at Pyramid Lake. Indicator fishing and the Maholo Nymph go back to the early 2000’s when Rob Anderson and Chris Evison started Nymphing under an indicator at the lake. It was the go to fly for all of our guides back then and still is today. The fly is tied in four different color combinations on size 12 Tiemco hooks. The original Red Maholo is still the best seller but wine and black both work very well. This year we have also introduced to the public the Red Maholo with a white Bead. This fly has been a killer for years.


Black Maholo Nymph

IMG_5066 (2)_edited

Red Maholo Nymph White Bead

Wine Maholo Nymph

Wine Maholo Nymph

IMG_5067 (2)_edited

Red Maholo Nymph







Specs: 1st option Red – 2nd Wine – 3rd Black

Hook: Size 12 Tiemco 3761 (can also be tied on 2457 or 2499)

Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown, Wine or Black

Wire: Small Gold, Copper or Red

Bead: 2.8  tungsten or brass Gold, Copper, Silver or White

Body: Magnum Holographic Tinsel in Red, Wine or Black

Tail and Wings: Pheasant Tail in Natural, Rusty Brown or Black

Thorax: Ice Dubbing in Rusty Brown, Claret or Peacock Black

Flash Back: Saltwater Flashabou