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  • Fishing Report February 4th 2013

    A long cold spell in the Reno area has the lake water temperatures down to around 41 degrees. This is usually about the coldest the lake gets in the winter. It is supposed to be a little warmer over the next week or so with sunny skies. The fishing at Pyramid is pretty average for this time of year. Cold water in December-January tends to move most of the fish into deeper water in search of a little warmer conditions. There are however a few fish being caught from shore anglers. This year continues to produce some large fish. There was an 18 pounder caught last week and Reno local Adam Heuer caught and released an 11 pound fish on Saturday.  The fish are really spread out and the reports are coming from all over the lake. It is pretty much a given that you are not going to catch more than a few fish a day right now but the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime keeps anglers coming.  February is a great month to catch big fish at Pyramid. There are less little fish in shallow and the larger fish make a pass through shallow water from time to time. There are fewer fishermen and more chances when the fish come by.  A bunch of different flies are also catching fish. Bloody Mary’s, Midnight Cowboys, Olive Martini’s are always good and White Wooly Worms and Popcorn Beetles are great options for droppers.

    Note: Use 12-15 pound tippet on your shooting head set-ups. If you do get the chance to hook into one of these monsters don’t take a chance with light tippet. Go to for more info


Pyramid is closed for trout fishing until October 1st 2014.

We had our best year ever and we hope you did as well. We are already working on our guide schedule for the coming season. We do more guide trips each year than any of the other guides have done in their history of guiding at Pyramid. We also have not gotten skunked with clients in three years (over 200 trips)

Hear is part of a fishing report from one of our competitors from last February (their last fishing report of the season)

“Pyramid can be tough most of the time but when you “strike it rich” it is well worth the time and effort.  Lots of skunks and some absolute trophies! The fish are still  up and down and in and out of the shoreline beaches.  Pick your favorite spot and fish! You never know!”


With under a week to go in the season, things have come to a screeching halt. The water has gotten really warm and most of the fish have headed for deep water for the summer. Shore fishing with either a fly rod or spinning gear is really slow. Boaters still have a chance to catch some fish in deeper water but the problem is that bringing them out of 50 degree water into 70 plus degree water on the surface is very dangerous for the fish. It is time to put the ladders and the down riggers away and give the lake a rest until the fall opener on October 1st.


The fishing season ends at Pyramid on June 30th. The water is really getting warm and the fish have really moved out into deeper water for the summer. There are still a few fish being caught but mostly by float tubers who are fishing in deeper water. There are also a few fish being caught from shore in areas with access to deeper water as well. Try to get yourself in 15-30 feet of water and get your flies near or on the bottom. Really fast sinking Shooting Heads are a must if fishing Wooly Buggers, Beetles or Minnow Patterns. Let your line sink for at least 30-40 seconds before starting your retrieve. Nymphs and Midges are really working well for anglers who can get them into deep water. Umpqua Feather Merchants Deep Water Lake Leader is the way to go for fishing in water over 10 feet deep with an indicator. This system allows you to hang your flies under an indicator in up to 20 feet of water. Mark Fore and Strike and Scheels in Reno have these set ups as well as Fly Fishing Specialties in Sacramento. Maholo Nymphs and Midges are a couple of great flies to try as well. Note: Keep an eye on the weather and be careful when float tubing at Pyramid. The wind can come up quick and make float tubing un-safe.


June and we are still catching fish at Pyramid. The Tui Chubs have shown up in the shallows around the lake and there are some really big fish chasing them. Warm or even hot weather is on the way and the great fishing we have had over the past month could end anytime. This is the time of year when we really start to use our floating devices and try to get out in a little deeper water. The water temps. are in the high 50’s and will be in the 60’s before long. This usually drives the bait and the fish into a little deeper water. There has been a tremendous Callabaetis hatch by mid-morning each day and there are also some fish really keying in on those as well. With so many other places to fish right now in the area, Pyramid has no pressure. Nymphing from a float tube or pontoon boat is a great way to go right now. Maholo Nymph’s and Midges fished with Umpqua’s Deep Water Indicator Leader is the way to go for indicator fishing in 10 plus feet of water at Pyramid or any other lake. Mark Fore and Strike in Reno and Fly Fishing Specialties in Sacramento has these leaders in stock among others currently. Stripping Minnow patterns on the bottom with a fast sinking shooting head has also been very effective of late. Some of the larger fish are really keying in on Minnows right now.


This has been one of the best late seasons at Pyramid in a long time. The water temperature is hanging in there for late May and that has really helped a ton. The water temps. are still in the upper 50’s to low 60’s in the shallows. There are some windy days ahead of us which help keep the temperatures down this time of year. We could get another few weeks of good fishing if this keeps up. A few days in the 90’s and no wind could also turn it around quickly. 20-30 fish days are not uncommon for anglers moving around and finding the right wind conditions and pods of fish. There is a strong Callabaetis hatch mid-day and that is also helping the fishing. Nymphing has been the most effective way to go for sure. Maholo Nymphs in Red, Black or Wine are a good bet to imitate the Callabaetis right now. Two fly rigs with the bottom fly fished close to the bottom and the upper fly about 2-3 feet up is a great way to go. There are plenty of places to get Maholo Nymphs if you are headed to Pyramid including Mark Fore and Strike in Reno, Keines Fly Shop in Sacramento and Scheels in Reno. The best places to fish this time of year are ones with less boat and Jet Ski traffic. Try going to the North or the South end of the lake to stay away from summer traffic.


The fishing continues to hang on at Pyramid. The water temperatures are around 56 degrees in the shallows and there are still plenty of fish cruising the shelves. Some larger Pilot Peak strain Cutthroats are starting to show up again and there have been some really big ones caught in the last week. This is the same pattern we saw last May. As the Summit Lake strain fish lose their urge to spawn and start heading for deeper water, the Pilot Peak strain seem to take their place in the shallows. Beaches with deeper drop-offs should start to produce more and more in the coming weeks and shallow areas will start to slow down. Weather is the number one factor on a good day at the lake for sure. It is becoming more and more important to fish on days when there is some wind. Nicer blue bird no wind days continue to get tougher and tougher. There is still some time to get out and catch some fish at Pyramid and this is a great time to get a really big one. Red and Wine Maholo nymphs are really starting to produce again for floating lines. There is some growth starting to happen on the bottom and foam Beetles and Tadpoles are a good choice for shooting heads.


The spawning season is in full swing at the lake. The hatchery is full of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and the Fisheries folks at the lake are working hard to make sure there are plenty of fish to put back into the lake for next season and beyond. When you see the efforts that are put in by members of the tribe and U.S fish and wildlife to ensure the future of Pyramid Lake you start to understand why it is important to treat these fish with the utmost respect.

Fishing has been really good over the past couple of weeks with a few tough days thrown in there as well. Weather plays a bigger and bigger role out at Pyramid as the spring goes on. Sunny Blue Bird days with no wind can create some tough conditions. The fish are cruising in really shallow water and can get spooked by ladders and fishermen, especially on crowded beaches. It can become really important to be aware of the situation and if fish are in really tight to the drop-offs back up 5 to 10 feet. This pattern has been the case at some of the more popular fishing spots like the nets and Pelican. If you are in an area where he fish are tight and there are fishermen too far out in the lake then it can be best to look for a spot on the beach with less anglers. This is a great time of year to take off the indicator and fish nymphs on a long leader and a Hover line. Albino Wino’s continue to be hard to beat for midges and Red and Wine colored Maholo Nymphs are still the way to go for nymph style flies. For shooting heads, Olive Martini’s and tan or chartreuse Beetles are working well.


The lake has gone through some major changes in the last week. The water temperatures have gone from 44 degrees to 50 degrees in 6 days. There is some really off colored water on both the North end and the South end of the lake due to this. It appears that the lake wants to turn over soon. High pressure has dowsed the wind and made the fishing really tough over the last two days. It is really a good time right now to fish the first and last light until we get some more weather. The hatchery is packed with fish and the spawn is on. Fishing should be really good over the next month weather permitting.


April is here and we are in the middle of the peak season at Pyramid Lake. Unsettled weather over the past few days has really helped the fishing. There have been a few days with some good onshore winds and some overcast that have resulted in some really good days. The fish are really spread out and there is not just one spot to find them. Fish the wind and try to pick a spot with the wind in your face. You can both move a lot to find fish or stay in one place and wait it out. The fish are really getting in good spawning shape and they are ready to do their thing. The water is still really cold for the first of April at around 44 degrees. It is supposed to get warm starting next week and the water temperatures should start to climb. Shooting head set ups are working well in the early mornings with Olive Martini’s, Midnight Cowboys and Pink and White Wollyworms. Nymphing either under an indicator or with a Hover line has also been picking up a lot of fish. Red Maholo Nymphs and Albino Wino Midges are hard to beat. Go to the beaches page at to get an idea of how deep to fish your flies under the indicator if you have not been out in a while or are unfamiliar with the lake. Mark Fore and Strike in Reno has a good stock of Pyramid Flies.


This is the time of year that angler come from all over the West and even the Country to fish for Giant Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. March and April brings a little warmer weather and the migration of these fish into shallow water looking for a stream to splash their eggs into for a new generation of fish to begin their lives of the World’s largest Cutthroat Trout. The spawning channel at Pyramid Lake is the perfect place for this phenomenon to take place. Fish are geared up to run the artificial stream right now in search of the perfect place to lay their eggs. The Hatchery water is on but most of the fish are not quite ready to spawn. There are many beaches that fish are cruising the shallows and plenty of fish are being caught by shore fisherman. There have been some slow days and some really good days. Most of it is weather based. Stormy weather patterns over the next week or so should really help the fishing at Pyramid. We should be in a good fishing pattern for the next few weeks. Nymphing will be working well for the remainder of the season. Red, Wine and Black Maholo Nymphs continue to be a great choice for flies. The Albino Wino Midge is also a must have. Mark Fore and Strike, Keine’s Fly Shop, Orvis of Reno and California Fly Shop are all places to purchase these flies. Shooting Heads are also working well. Olive Martini’s and Bloody Marys have been tough to beat.


It is that time of year again at Pyramid Lake. In the middle of March each year thousands of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout make their way into shallow water around the lakes shoreline in search of moving water. It is spawning season. Not only do the trout start their migration but so do anglers from all over the country. The next 6 weeks at Pyramid will undoubtedly the best and busiest place to fish in the area. We have a few trout of over 20 pounds that have been caught and lots of fish in the 10-20 pound range already this season. The numbers of fish caught is starting to go up as well. There have been a few 20-30 fish days and plenty of 10-20 fish days. You still have to look out for the occasional blue bird sunny no wind day here and there that makes the fishing tough. Nymphing rigs and shooting head set-ups are both working well. It is best to have both rigs set up and be ready to switch at any time. Fish are spread out all over the lake and can be caught from Popcorn Beach on the South end of the lake to Monument Rock on the North end. For the Nymphing rig Red or Wine colored Maholo Nymphs, Copper Tops and Albino Wino’s are working well for sure. Midnight Cowboy’s, Olive Martini’s and Popcorn Beetles are tough to beat fished on the bottom. Mark Fore and Strike and Orvis both have these flies locally in Reno. There is a new section on the beaches page, that helps out with depth to fish your flies under an indicator on most of the beaches at the lake. Contact Rob Anderson 775.742.1754


The lake continues to fish well. Summit Lake strain Lahontan’s are starting to move in to some of the popular beaches looking for moving water for their annual spawn. The water temperature is starting to climb out of its winter lows and the fish can sense the beginning of spring conditions at the lake. If this year is anything like last the shift is on to a few more fish being caught and without a doubt more Summit Lake Strain fish over the next month. The beauty of having two strains of Lahontan’s in the lake now is that they are showing up at different times of the year. The Pilot Peak Strain is a great addition to making our fishing season better at Pyramid and last much longer. The Summit Lake strain is more likely to school up and run the shallows in the spring months when we see an increase in angler days in March and April and when it seems to become more difficult to catch some of the larger Pilot Peak Cutty’s. Another year of fishing for this new amazing fish will undoubtedly reveal more about what they are all about. The best times to fish still remain to be days with chop on the water. 10-20 fish days are happening already and you just have to be there on the right day with the right weather at the right time. Nymphing continues to produce the most fish. Red and Wine colored Maholo Nymphs fished either under an indicator or stripped slowly with a hover line is hard to beat along with the Albino Wino. For the shooting Head set-up Olive Martini’s and Bloody Mary Wooly Buggers are working well.


The lake continues to pump out some big fish. There have been some tough days and some good days and that should continue right through the middle of May. The water is starting to warm a little with the warmer weather we have had. It is still around 44-45 degrees unless you are fishing in the shallows where it can reach 47 degrees. The beaches that offer access to deeper water have still been fishing the best but the fish are really spread out and can be caught all over the lake. Follow the wind on calmer days. There are already some female Summit Lake fish with eggs and the spawn is just around the corner. Red Maholo Nymphs and Albino Midges have been working well for the indicator rigs and Midnight Cowboys and Popcorn Beetles for the shooting head set ups. Locally in town Mark Fore and Strike has a great assortment of these flies at great prices. Go to for more info.


Pyramid continues to spit out some big fish. There are plenty of slow days out there about twice a week the fishing is pretty good. That is normal this time of year with the water temperatures around 43 degrees and the weather changing daily. This past weekend saw some 70 mile an hour wind events on Friday and Saturday and the fishing was really tough. Sunday the wind calmed down and the fishing was way better. There are not too many secrets this time of year. The beaches with some access to deeper water are normally doing a little better. On calm days fish the windy part of the lake. There is the 2nd weekend of a tournament this weekend so the normal hot spots should be crowded. There are plenty of places on the lake that are completely empty of anglers. Nymphing, Jigging and stripping Wooly’s and leaches are all worth a shot. If you are coming from out of town plan a couple of days on the lake to have a better chance at getting the weather right. Red Maholo Nymphs have been really good as are Albino Wino’s and Copper Top’s. For Shooting Heads try Olive Martini’s and Bloody Marys. Any day you get out to Pyramid you could catch the fish of a lifetime.


January at Pyramid was about as good as could be expected. The water is cold at its normal wintertime lows of 42-43 degrees but there have been some really big fish hanging around and feeding all winter. The numbers of fish are down which can be expected this time of year but when or if you catch a fish it has the potential to be huge. There have been lots of fish caught between 10 and 20 pounds over the past month. The beaches with access to deeper water continue to be the hot spots. Places like Blockhouse, Sand hole and other areas on the South end of the lake have been pretty good. It looks like we are in for some weather over the next couple of weeks and that should help the fishing out as well. The best days have been when we get some wind and some chop on the water. There have been some really good early mornings and late evenings but it is really cold out there so dress warm.

Nymphing in 9-20 feet of water with Red, Wine or Black Maholo Nymphs has been working well. Stripping Wooly buggers and Beetles in deeper water with a fast sinking shooting head is also the way to go. Olive Martini’s, Bloody Mary’s, and Loco Beetles and Tadpoles are great choices.


Fishing has really slowed down at the lake. This is pretty common for this time of year. The water is very cold at 41-43 degrees. There has not been much wind at the lake lately and the thermoclines are building up and sending fish into deeper warmer water. There are still some big fish being caught over the past week including a fish over 20 pounds and one in the 15 pound range. Both fish were caught from float tubes in 20-30 feet of water. Shore fishing has been pretty slow all over the lake except for first thing in the morning and after the sun gets off the water in the evening. The lake really needs some weather to churn up the water and mix some of the cold and warmer water again. Maholo nymphs and midges are still working for Nymphing and Bloody Marys, Olive Martini’s and Loco Beetles and Tadpoles with fast sinking lines. The fishing should continue to be about how it is for the next couple of weeks unless we get a storm or two.


Wow! What a fall at Pyramid. This has been the best fall fishing out at the lake in recent history. The new strain of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout continue to grow and offer anglers the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime. Several fish over 20 pounds and a couple in the 25 pound class have been caught over the past month or so. Lots of fish in the 10-20 pound range have also been caught. There are several beaches that continue to produce fish but the fish are really spread out. Spots with access to deep water have been the best places so far. lays out the variety of spots to try at the lake and the ones that have access to deep water. All sorts of techniques have been working. Shooting head set-ups with Midnight Cowboys, Bloody Mary’s and Olive Martinis have been working well. Dropper flies like white Wooly Buggers and Chartreuse Loco Beetles are also worth a try. Nymphing has also been catching fish. An estimated 24 pound fish was caught last week on a size 12 Black Maholo Nymph. Albino Wino Midges are also doing well.

There is a bunch of really cold weather headed our way and the water temperatures are bound to plummet. This could change the fishing conditions and drive fish into deeper water sometime soon. It should remain pretty good for a while however if you can handle the cold. Fish have been biting seemingly any time of day so as the cold weather sets in it might be a good idea to get a little later start.



Opening Day at Pyramid was as good as it has been for several years now. There were some really good reports of anglers catching 10-15 fish. The good fishing has continued for most of the first week. It is really important to find schools of bait near shore this time of year to have the best chances. Minnow patterns fished with a fast sinking shooting head that sinks 6-8 inches a second on beaches that offer chances to get your flies into 15-25 feet of water are your best areas to try. There are not too many spots around the lake that shore fishermen can do this but those types of beaches were awesome on the opener. The beaches page does a great job of explaining which areas offer access to deeper water around the lake. The fishing should only get better as the water cools and fish creep into the shallows over the next month. Midnight Cowboys, Olive Martini’s, Bullet Head Streamers and just about any minnow imitation in size 2-6 is worth a try.

The best story of opening day goes to Lauren Dunn of Truckee who caught and released the new Junior Female World Record Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. This is a category for anglers under the age of 17. The fish was Lauren’s first fish of the day and weighed slightly over 9 pounds. Congratulations to Lauren! Go to   to see the story.


Opens to Trout Fishing October 1st. This is going to be an interesting and hopefully another great year at Pyramid. We now have two sustainable strains of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in the Lake. The Summit Lake strain which has been the main strain in the lake for the last 20 years or more and the Pilot Peak Strain which was introduced back into the lake in 2006-2007. Both strains of fish play an important role in the fishing at Pyramid Lake. We are still learning a lot about the Pilot Peak strain and some of what we think we know is based on only a few years of experience catching these fish. There is much more recent history with the Summit Lake strain.

In years past most of the Summit Lake Cutthroats are still in deeper water on opening day. It has a lot to do with water temperatures. The boaters usually do very well in October catching these fish in 20-40 feet of water or more. Trolling is a great way to fish this time of year. Shore fishermen usually try to fish near fast drop-offs where deeper water can be accessed. Looking for Tui Chubs and Perch Fry are also important to finding fish. As the fall wears on and water temperatures drop more and more fish can be caught from shore in more like 8-15 feet of water. The fish can be really spread out and moving around is important to finding fish. This should be very close to how the fishing goes for the Summit Lake strain of Lahontan Cutthroats again this fall.

It is going to be interesting and fun to experience another year with the new Pilot Peak strain which is believed to be as close to the original strain of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout that used to roam the lake 100 years ago. These fish do not act like the Summit Lake strain. They are more aggressive, tend to grow faster and may even live longer. They also seem to hang out in different water. Last spring after most of the Summit Lake fish were out in deep water and the hatchery was shut down a large school of Pilot Peak fish showed up in shallow water and there were a few weeks of excellent fishing in May and June because of it. These fish seem to spend a lot more time chasing Tui Chubs and smaller Trout and will move in and out with the schools of bait. There are usually more Tui Chubs near shore in the fall so there may be some really big fish close enough for shore fishermen to catch as early as Opening day. We still have a lot to learn about these fish and what the future holds for the largest Cutthroats on the Planet.


What a great day on the lake. Started out with a couple begginer clients in the morning and we caught some nice fish. We went through a slow spell around lunch and then it was on again. 10 Pilot Peak fish to hand up to 5 pounds in about 2 hours. Fish were deep. We were fishing the new deep line breakaway indicator rig in 12 feet of water. Developed by Rob Anderson. Awesome set up. Anyway then we get a last fish of the day story.

a couple of fish over 8 pounds today with this monster fish. Maybe 12-14 pounds. Lots of Pilot Peak fish being caught right now.



Pyramid can be tricky for shore anglers this time of year. The fish have moved on from the spawn and warmer water moves most of them back into 30-50 feet of water. However cooler weather has stalled the warming of the water and the fishing has picked up. The fish seem to have moved to the North end of the lake and places like Monument and Warrior have been best. First light has been the time to be there for sure. It looks like the wind is going to blow for a few days and this should help the fishing. There is no one fishing Pyramid from shore right now. You can have just about anywhere to yourself. The boaters are really doing well. Korey Farnsworth has been hammering fish from a boat the last few weeks.


Water temperatures have jumped into the high 50’s over the past week. The Pyramid Lake fisheries reading at Sutcliff on May 5th was 56 degrees. The water is still in great shape for May and there are still some really nice fish being caught. There was a 14 pound Pilot Peak fish caught at Warrior Point on May 3rd. There was an 11 Pound Pilot Peak fish caught around Popcorn on the same day and a 10 pound fish caught at Dago Bay as well. Although numbers are a little on the low side there are still some big fish cruising the shallows. The next couple of weeks should be pretty good at Pyramid. There have been a ton of Chronomids or Midges hatching as well as a few Callabaetis as well. Nymphing rigs continue to produce with red or black Maholo’s. This is also a great time of year to fish Olive colored flies right on the bottom to imitate Dragon Fly nymphs and sand beetles.


The full moon is behind us now and the water temperatures are still in the low 50’s. The month of May could really be a good at Pyramid. We have had some really good reports even through the full moon cycle. It looks like we are going to have some really warm days in the coming week and the water could warm up fast. It is perfect right now though and if you are thinking of going to Pyramid now is the time. Weather will start to play an even bigger part as the water gets warmer. Wind and chop on the water will become more and more important. Early mornings and late evenings when the sun is off the water will also be a factor. There are more and more midges hatching at the lake now and there are even some Callabaetis showing up. Fishing with nymphs and midges under an indicator or simply stripping them in without an indicator with a long leader and a floating line is hard to beat right now. Black Wooly Worms like the Midnight Cowboy and the bloody Mary have been really good fished with a shooting head as well. Fish the wind and move often. Fish really tend to school up this time of year.


The lake has been pretty tough for the last week or so. This is very normal due to the moon phase. Pyramid has always been a little tough around the full moon. The water temperatures are creeping up into the low to mid 50’s and the next few weeks should be really good overall. As we get passed the full moon the fishing should keep getting better until the water gets to about 60 degrees. The spawning channel is full of fish and there are some huge Summit Lake and Pilot Peak fish in there. This should be a really good year for the hatchery. Fish are spread out all over the lake and it is really important to follow the wind and conditions out there right now. As we get more and more nice days, early morning and late evening should also be good times to fish. Maholo nymphs and Midges are still catching lots of fish either under an indicator or fished on a long leader with a floating line and retrieved really slow. Midnight Cowboy’s and Bloody Mary’s are great flies to use with a shooting head.

Keines fly shop has the only remaining Maholo nymphs in stock for this season. They are getting low. If you need to restock give them a call soon. As far as I know evryone esle is out.


Now is the time to go to Pyramid if you have been waiting for the magical report. We have had a North wind for most of the last 9 days and it has kept the lake from getting warmer for sure.  April has looked much more like winter than March. This time of year is the time to be there but you can’t assume everyday will be great. Weather plays a big role. There are plenty of fish close to shore so get out there and fish. Nymphing with Red Maholo Nymphs has still been awesome with a floating line either with or without an indicator. Loco Popcorn Beetles with a Midnight Cowboy is a great way to go for fishing on the bottom. Conditions look great for fishing over the next month.


The fishing over the past week has been up and down. It is just about what we excpected for this spring. We had a couple of brutal days of wind and snow on Sunday and Monday. Normally the wind is a good thing but it blew so hard it created some really muddy areas and it was hard to get into the water. A few anglers who stuck it out on monday did pretty well in the afternoon. The water dipped back into the mid 40’s on Monday but it is climbing fast again. Shallow areas like the South Nets is around 50-54 degrees depending on who’s thermometer you look at. The hatchery is full and the first spawn of the season happened yesterday. The next few weeks should have some really good days and some slower days mixed in.


With the Full Moon behind us now the fishing has already started picking up. The water temperatures are slowing climbing into the upper 40’s in the last couple of days. There are way more fish in shallow water now and good reports have come from all over the lake. Schools of fish have been seen cruising the shelf at places like Windless Bay, Pelican and the Nets. The water at the hatchery is scheduled to be turned on any day now. Most of the females being caught still look a little “green” or not quite ready to spawn yet. As the water warms up into the 50’s over the next couple of weeks they should be ready.

Weather is still going to play a part in the day to day action at the lake. It is important to fish the mornings and evenings on those sunny Blue-bird days. For shooting head set-ups, Olive Martini’s and Midnight Cowboys have been working well on the back and Lime Green Tadpoles have been hard to beat as a dropper. It is a great idea to fish a bright fly on the front of your rig so you can see the fly as it gets close to you on your retrieve. Don’t get in a hurry to re-cast. Fish have been following all the way to the ladder. For nymphs and midges, Red Maholo Nymphs are still hard to beat as either a top or bottom fly. The males are really keying in on red this season. Maholo Midges are a good way to go for the bottom fly. Good Maholo Midges to try are Copper Tops, J.W.’s and for Maholo Stretch Midges try the P.M.S. or the Albino Wino.

The afternoons have been the only real bite again. We caught almost all our fish between 2:00 and 4:30 today. The fish seemed to move in and then just dissapear after 4:30 ish. The Moon is reaking havoc. We did the dawn patrol again today and it was beautiful at Dago Bay for sunrise but the fish were not there. Reports were basically the same for other anglers as well.


Full Moon syndrome at the lake the last couple of days. The morning bite has been tough overall for sure. The afternoons have been way better. The fish seem to be eating Wooly’s and Beetles better the last few days than midges and nymphs. We have some stormy weather coming in tomorrow and hopefully that will get the fish going again. The water is still off at the hatchery and the water is still on the cold side. I got to spend some time with U.S. fish and Wildlife at Marble Bluff dam. It looks like we are getting another 140,000 Pilot Peak fish this year. The future looks bright for the Mid.

March 20th

The approach of spring has the Cutthroats thinking spawn at Pyramid. The weather however is a little behind. The water is still pretty cold for the middle of March. The Pelicans have just started to appear on their yearly trip to the lake as well. Fish are being caught all over the lake and are very spread out right now. As of 3-18 the water at the hatchery was not on yet.  The weather usually plays the biggest role in the fishing this time of year. Cloudy, windy days are the best and if you can get some chop on the surface it is a plus. Early mornings and late evenings when the sun is off the water can also be a factor. There are some really nice Red male fish starting to show up in the shallows. Pick a spot and give it an hour and see what the wind is doing. Fishing the beaches with a little chop or some rollers is best. Red Maholo nymphs fished under an indicator has been the most consistent bite so far. Mark For and Strike, Scheels in Reno have them and Keine’s in Sacramento also. Casey Ryan of Dallas caught an 11# 14 ounce Male on Sunday using this fly.

March 12th

The fishing at Pyramid has been just about as I expected it for Early March. We have has some really cold weather in the Reno area and that has kept the lake water temps. down in the low to mid 40’s. There have been some fish around for sure. It is very hard to predict however. The best days have been when there is some chop on the water or at least some cloud cover. Today the bite was slow until the wind picked up around 11:00 am and then it seemed to turn on for a while.

Warmer weather over the next week is going to really increase the water temperatures and it should bring more fish into the shallows. There have been some big fish caught over the past week. Jay Clark of Portola caught a 16 Pound Summit Cutthroat on Friday while fishing Midges and there were several more fish over 10 pounds caught as well. Maholo Midges and Nymphs in Red and Black have been working well. There are several Fly Shops like Keine’s in Sacramento and Mark Fore and Strike in Reno that have these flies in stock.

March 1st

I Spent the entire morning on the South end of the lake. It was a sunny blue bird day but the wind was blowing out of the North and making the chop on the water perfect. 12 fish to hand by 11:00 am and missed a few more. One female Pilot Peak fish that was around 7 pounds. The bite was on for sure. It seemed as though I got a grab every 10 minutes or so. Most fish were caught retrieving a Midnight Cowboy and a few came on the Loco Popcorn Beetle. Late in the morning I switched to the Indicator rig as the wind came up and started getting grabs right away. Good day to be at the lake for sure. The Albino Wino was the hot fly but then again it was the fly I had on the bottom the whole time. I can’t wait to go back out in two days. It seems as though I found a bunch of fish and I hope they stay put until I get back.

As far as the overall report. The water is still in the low 40’s. There are fish around and most of the beaches are reporting 2-5 fish days with some scattered better days in between. The water has come down about 18 inches from last year and just about all of the popular spots have great access to the drop-offs and ledges. It should be a much better year than last year. some of the beaches still have weeds and muck issues on the bottom for sure but there are also a bunch of really clean spots where you can drag your flies in with no issue. The water is not on at the Nets yet and the fish are spread out all over the lake.


February 4th 2013

A long cold spell in the Reno area has the lake water temperatures down to around 41 degrees. This is usually about the coldest the lake gets in the winter. It is supposed to be a little warmer over the next week or so with sunny skies. The fishing at Pyramid is pretty average for this time of year. Cold water in December-January tends to move most of the fish into deeper water in search of a little warmer conditions. There are however a few fish being caught from shore anglers. This year continues to produce some large fish. There was an 18 pounder caught last week and Reno local Adam Heuer caught and released an 11 pound fish on Saturday.  The fish are really spread out and the reports are coming from all over the lake. It is pretty much a given that you are not going to catch more than a few fish a day right now but the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime keeps anglers coming.  February is a great month to catch big fish at Pyramid. There are less little fish in shallow and the larger fish make a pass through shallow water from time to time. There are fewer fishermen and more chances when the fish come by.  A bunch of different flies are also catching fish. Bloody Mary’s, Midnight Cowboys, Olive Martini’s are always good and White Wooly Worms and Popcorn Beetles are great options for droppers.

Note: Use 12-15 pound tippet on your shooting head set-ups. If you do get the chance to hook into one of these monsters don’t take a chance with light tippet. Go to for more info

Pyramid Lake Cutthroat Trout

Adam with an awesome 11 pounder last weekend


Fishing Report — 124 Comments

  1. Well….Rob hope all is well with you and yours, just got back from Davis Lake, I know you guide up that way from time to time, so i hope you don’t mind me throwing a few lines on here about the lake. 4 of us fished for 3 days, and hooked a total of 20 trout. It was my first time fishing there and I was quite impressed. Not to confuse the fact that Pyramid is still my favorite but I’m thinking it still may be a little early except off the deep drop off beaches. to pound the water there. Maybe some feedback from you or some of the others on the site can set me straight and on my thoughts. The fish at Davis were quite aggressive using 2x tippet the strikes were so strong they snapped me off from the hit itself. Lot of fish in the shallows stripping through the weed beds some hot moments and then just like Pyramid some slow. It was all good though, as all of us who throw the fly know…it was great just being out there.
    Looking forward to your reports and input in the future…

  2. A few of us were out camping the 2-4th of this month. The weather was cookn and the bite was pretty slow….and so was my hook set. The first day a buddy of mine was jiggin and landed 2. I missed 2….damn indy!

    Fri the 3rd was one hekk of a hot day! I couldnt set a hook for the life of me. I broke one off early in the morn around 730-8. I knew i should have retied that knot….sob! Through out the day the fish figured out when i was watching the birds or that random car drive by. When ever i stopped paying attention i missed a fish. It took my 8th takedown to finally land a fish. I know…what a lame! And it was the rat this time. Of course i missed the bigger ones…or lost em w/ limp wrist hook sets cause i was spacing out. A few times i would see a cruiser…..”hey, it looks like he’s eating”. DOwn goes my indy…miss! It was a tough super hung over day for me.

    Later that day my buddy shows up to camp for the night. About 30min in the dick head hooks up and lands a beautiful pilot peak female just under 10lbs @ 28″ and 13″ of girth. Very nice fish. I wanted to push him off the rock and into the water after that.

    The following day I landed one more rat…this time under my indy. The day before i landed my fish stripping a black bugger. But the indy was way more prodcutive for take downs.

    And after 2 nights camping and about 30hrs of fishing I only landed 2 fish. BUt i missd some big oppurtunities. Lots of big fish cruising but the numbers are low for catching. Well for me anyways. My other buddy that camped w/ me the whole time was spinning tossn jigs and spoons. He went 2 the first day…1 the second day. ANd 2 the third…one being a nice 6lb pilot.

    The weather is beautiful and the fishing is peaceful. Lots of big cruisers around for sure. I bet w/ the help of someone like Rob you can have a banger day.

  3. Wanted to Post some news….like Rob said i believe that some news helps everyone make the choice to make the trip or not out to the lake…for me it’s from San Francisco
    Fished 3 1/2 days hard….got there Sunday and hit the water around three in the afternoon..wind was a blowing….Fished Pelican and Windless could not get out at North nets because the waves would go over the top of your waders NO Fish..some of the old timers who have fished for years said it was pretty slow…they were right…
    Monday….Hit Pelican….saw a few fish caught…i got into 2 fish….early morning, waves started to come over my basket on my chair so we called it……went south stopped at cattle guard, wino and sand hole, got a nice fish there on a beetle…went to North nets got one fish and didn’t get a tug the rest of the afternoon tried everything in my box and even put an indicator rig out…(not my favorite way to fish) nothing fished from sunup till 6;30 when the martini bell went off in my head..staying at Crosby’s and that Grey Goose bottle was in the freezer so I was able to avoid the shakes…cause it was only a short drive up the path.
    Tuesday…North Nets….Slow morning…a fish here and there, but somewhere in the area of 12 noon the bite turned on quite nicely….fish up and down the line …I hooked about five fish..all in the slot size all appeared to be males….i would say equal amounts of fish were being caught stripping or indicator fishing….I did quite well on a double beetle rig white guy in front and darker one in back…indicator guys were using red and black as the basic color …mahalo’s were the ticket for some 3 o’clock the bite turned off like someone hit a light switch….i did notice that the wind stopped blowing from the south and started coming in from the north when the bite stopped…not sure if that had anything to do with it but it was quick….
    Wednesdays…fishing went back to be being a fish here and there…started at North Nets but like i said it was super slow…we made the trip down south to see if any of the deep drop off’s would do the trick….got one fish again at Sand hole. and after an hour or so us crazy people do we went back up to North nets …it was still slow…. I managed to get 3 fish and i felt good because no one was getting anything around me on beetles agains…white with yellow tails…one of the guys i was fishing with switched over to the same and he got a couple of fish also….2 guys to the right of us…were indicator fishing and they managed to hit around 4 fish using a home tied fly with red and black in it using that holo stuff. and then it just died again…..some fish were being caught here and there but nothing like the day before…had the opportunity to meet some real nice guys from the LA area…a couple who fish in Hawaii from time to time for bones, Kelly introduced me to them and I just wanted to give a shout out to him and them if they read this…
    Thursday….It was time to go home day….on the way out I went by the North Nets to see what was up…The LA guys were out 20 or so of them out on their chairs and ladders…i was sadden to hear it was slow again for them…kind of glad for me cause i wasn’t missing anything..and it was time to leave….my fishing heart sank but when you gotta go you gotta go…through out the long hours and grey goose fog .I think my time line in all of this is correct…you know that grey goose does strange things to a persons memory from time to time
    Just some general bull_hit on my view…and then I’ll stop at the North Nets…there were fish around LOTS of fish…how do I know…you could see them swimming by no huge groups but lots of big fish in packs of 5 or 10 fish… was a steady stream on and off all day of these guys swimming by….the pelican’s in the shallows behind us were getting more fish then we were so they were around….no doubt in my mind….so what’s up…I guess it’s the same old story that has been going on for the last million years…and it has gotten many a human male into trouble at one time or another…SEX….i noticed that very few females were caught…mostly the smaller males..seemed to be hitting the flies…the bigger guys just swam by on the way to where their bodies and scent detected the water entering the lake…and the females sat…the hatchery….we stopped by the hatchery there were thousands of fish in the ladder waiting to go up…we were lucky, the state fish and game along with the tribe game people were working the nets, pulling fish for count, checking for tags on the fish, looking for the pilot peak fish, milking the eggs on the females, pulling the sperm from the males, and dividing the females who were not ready to be milked into a different pool to be re-entered into the lake so that they could come up the ladder again, in hopes that they would be ready to milk at a later date…it was quite a production….I’ve been up there before but never saw the operation in gear….it was quite impressive it was worth the half hour we spent there….talking to the biology people, watching the process and gathering information from them on what they believed made these fish tick….and react….learned a lot of stuff from them that i hope will come in handy in October when I head that way..again…The South Nets I’m certain had as many fish swimming by as the North Nets…problem is it a bitch to pull your chair out as far as you have to to get to the drop off….I saw only three people out there fishing now i’m not saying your were going to catch fish I’m just sure they were out there…..but all of this is just another story… and it will soon be Cabo time for me in a couple of months for roosters in the surf …I hope….anyway Tight Lines All… and Rob thanks again for this site…bill dyer

  4. I just got back from 4 days on the lake. Much better than 3 weeks ago The biggest for me was only 26″, Male, at 5.5lbs I mostly fished at S. nets. Got 4 Tues evening 18 on Weds. 4 on Thurs with 3 of those at Windless. Yesterday I caught 10 and this morning 3, both days at the S. nets Water is on and though I only saw a couple of cruising fish others saw quite a few. I caught 75% of my fish stripping a double Beetle rig. Water acording to my Therm. was 50 degrees….Bob

    • Thanks for the updates to all who post. Heading wp on the 20th
      So all is information posted is helpful. Keep those line tight..
      Bill Dyer

      • Fantastic video Bruce! I’ll be up there again around the 18th for 3-4 days. Take care Bob

      • Great Video…..showed it to a couple of guys and their so hot to go to pyramid to fish..they just about… their pants…..very, very well done….thank you for sharing it with everyone…getting somewhat excited my self because there’s only 8 more days and I’ll be heading Pyramid Lake Nv, way for 5 days of fishing…wow after using my cell phone to comment last time i can see the need to double check my spelling…anyway…tight lines everyone …and thanks for the post….Rob…hope to run into while we’re up there, i know i own you at least one beer for putting this web site together….don’t have to stop at one either….take care…bill dyer

  5. April 4, 2013
    Saw LOTS of cruising fish yesterday… I started at Sandhole Beach around 8:30 am.
    I had three really nice slot sized fish landed on buggers and leech patterns and over 2 dozen follows. It was very windy but nothing that wasn’t uncomfortable for Pyramid.
    By the time i ended my day around 5:30 pm I must have seen 150 to 170 fish cruising as shallow as 2 feet of water, literally right on the edge of the shelf even along the shoreline. Seemed tht i had to change up colors and patterns every few casts and fish would follow from deeper water right up onto the shore BUT they wouldn’t commit to striking the fly. Also had a few really heavy hitters yet I couldnt keep them hooked up… a couple head shakes and off.

    Tight lines Rob,


  6. Rob, thanks for updating as much as you can, I fished south nets last night and the bite was the same, a couple fish here and there, definatley better last week. looked like they were turning on the water at the hatchery.

    • Dave,

      I think they are going to turn on the water on April 1st. I maybe wrong but that is what I was told. Thank you for posting, it helps all of us have better days at the lake. I try to give real reports. Today I had two anglers from Chico and we had a good run in the morning compared to everyone else. We left fish to find fish to learn the lake and it did not fair well for the fishing but we got to see a bunch of the lake today. We ended up with 8 fish landed and about the same misses.


  7. Thanks so much for putting this info together. A group of us from Arizona will be there on April 9th this year. First trip for all but one of us. This info is golden. Put up another report soon! I check daily.

    • Kyle,

      The fishing is great one day and spotty the next. I think we will continue to see that for the rest of the spring. Just gotta get out there and put in your time.

      Have you guys ever thought about having your trip hosted? I host 4 or 5 big groups a year and it is always a blast. It is really good for a group that does not have too much experience at the lake.


    • Rob,

      I just wanted to throw you a shout out and a big thanks. I saw your seminar at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton and I spoke with you again at the booth. Your seminar was one of the best and most educational I saw that weekend. This has been my third season coming to Pyramid and it put a lot of things in perspective for me. After having a short conversation with you at the booth, I purchased a handful of your Mahalo fly’s to gear up for my trip this last weekend (March 22-24). Armed with your advice and knowledge, I started landing fish on my third cast and pretty much couldn’t keep ‘em off the entire weekend. I eventually spilled the beans to the other guys I was fishing with and clued them in on what flies were working. They all made the switch and all had fish tugging on their lines in no time. Between the five of us, we out fished everyone around us and at every beach we went to. At times, it seemed that the fish darted straight for our lines while bypassing the rest. I ended up landing a pig in the 10lb class (Pilot Peak Strain) with an approximate measurement of 29″ at Windless and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t get an exact weight, but I snapped a few good pics and released him back into the drink. Another buddy landed a 28 3/4″ (Summit Lake Strain) which was weighed at 8.4 lbs. Most of the fish netted this trip were all exceptionally larger than the last few seasons. The group I was fishing with have been taking the trek to Pyramid for the last decade and all couldn’t believe the size of the fish being caught and how healthy the fishery was. I just wanted to thank you for a great and memorable trip. I hope to see you out on the lake sometime with tight lines…


      • Hey Ben,

        Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you guys had a good trip. We all deserve a good fishing story every now and then. I have really had a good year with the Red Maholo nymph as well. Almost all my or my clients big fish this year have come on that fly. I have seen some monsters this year for sure. Some on a line and some just out there creating havoc in the lake. Looks like you guys timed it right this year. It has slowed down a bit over that past few days with the full moon. We have some stomry weather coming in tomorrow for a few days so I am hoping to see it pick up again.

        Have a great fishing season and keep in touch.


        • I was hoping to get some advice on which beach do u recommend to fish with jigs???

          • Jesse,

            You can fish jiggs anywhere pretty much. The only places that it can be an issue is rocky areas which are few and far between. Make sure where ever you are that you let the jiggs sink to the bottom before you start your retrieve.


          • Thank u for the advice Rob, yea we been fishing their the last five years from Bishop CA. We always fish at pelican and we love the fishing but with a pretty good size family it is hard to get into a spot there. I was hoping maybye u have a different beach recommended??? And also thanks for the updates!!!!

  8. How can you tell the difference between a pilot peak strain and a regular pyramid trout? What’s the visible difference?

    • There is not a lot of visual difference in the two fish. I have heard some anglers talk about the Pilot Peak Strain being more silver in color. It is true for sure but I think it is due to them spending more time in deeper water. As they come into shallow water in the spring they also get more color and can be red like the Summit Lake strain. The Pilot Peak fish had their Adapost fins clipped when they were put into the lake. You can see this for sure if you catch one. I caught one about 7 pounds the other day and it was obvious as to the difference. the fish was very silver as well.

      Hope this helps B


      • Hey Rob I’ve been traveling up their for the past 5 years and we have always fished at pelican, we kinda felt overcrowded. I seen seperator is pretty close how is that beach both fishing and camping??

    • I think the two strains fight differently as well.To me the Pilot Peak strain fights more like a stealhead and have had them sometimes “tailwalk” like a rainbow would while the Summit Lake strain does alot more head shake and doggin towards the bottom.

      Pelican was crowded at the rocks yesterday so I went to Sandhole Beach instead. Saw 4 fish caught by another angler but was skunked myself. After two hours the wind changed direction coming from the southeast and had white caps starting so I came home.

      • Kevin, I agree, pilots are good fighters. A few times this season I thought I foul hooked a fish the way it was peeling line. Nope, just good sized pilot, thick and healthy.

        • I was going to head up on Thurs. Have they turned the water on at the hatchery yet? BobK

          • Bob,

            The water has been on for a while, just not full blast. The gate is closed and they are not letting fish into the runways yet.


          • How have the south nets been? We’ve been hitting south to mixed results, but were thinking of hitting the ” flats” this weekend.

          • Rob,
            Seems we shared the same results on Tuesday. I arrived at Sandhole about 8:30 am
            Had one small Summit strain caught and landed on a white bugger. After 2 hours of casting and stripping I went up to Pelican around 11:00 am and it was dead calm.Tossing midges for about two hours got me three miss strikes and one 6 pounder. I then went back down to Sandhole cus of course it needed some wind chop. Another couple hours of stripping buggers I switched over to my indicator rod and while fishing literally 6 to 10 feet out (right on edge of shelf) two more fish were caught and landed(size 10 “black beauty” Chironomid). Timing was approximately 30 to 40 minutes between each fish.

            Tight Lines Rob,
            Kevin Stearman

          • Hi Rob…hope all is well with you and yours, didn’t get a chance to say hello to you on March 6 th while i was up there for a 3 day quickie trip… I think that was you holding court down by the cattle crossing at the beach south of there. It was a short trip, but will be back on the 23rd for a 5 dayer….We ended up with about 15 fish in the 2 1/2 days of fishing ….mostly at the North nets. I will tell you as you know the wind was howling for a day and a half during that time. We tried several places, Wino, South Nets, Pelican, Windless and of course took a ride down to the cattle guard…but only connected at the north net Buggers seemed to be the fly of choice…couple of guys next to me throwing marabou jigs…were slaying the fish…about 2 fish to our one. Looking forward to getting back on the 23rd….if i see you we’ll have you over to crosby’s where we’re staying for a beer …or two….take care bill dyer

          • Just got back. Fished from Thurs evening ’til this morning. Fished South nets for about 40 fish between 2 of us. Biggest at 7 lbs. I stripped and midged with the biggest of 5 lbs on a black Wooly Worm My partner tubed for 20 stripping Beetles. Everyone on ladders seemed to have at least a few. BobK

          • Thanks for the report Bob. I fished Dago Bay with a client this morning and it was awesome. big rollers coming in and fish in the surf. We caught fish evry other cast for about two hours and then it went dead as the mud line moved out to the shelf. Lucky choice to do the dawn patrol at Dago. Casey Ryan, my client and new friend caught an 11 pound 14 ounce fish about 2:30 this afternoon and got 2nd place in the Hook Line and Sinker tourney. Pictures to come asap.


  9. How’s it going out there? I saw a pic of a pilot strain pushn 10lbs from this recent storm. We have another warm front moving in w/ sunny weather. Lets hope this gets em moving in to us. ANyone out lately?

    • Was out for a little on Sunday. Landed three. Caught a nice twenty nine incher. Had to be around ten pounds. Saw a fifteen pounder caught at the nets. It was a rough windy day though.

    • Morgan, Missed your post somehow. Sorry for that. There have been some monsters caught in the past two weeks. There are fish between 10-18 pounds caught about every other day lateley. There not that many fish being caught but some biggies for sure. Thanks for the post. good Luck out there


      • Rob,

        I was at Pelican on Tuesday, the water temp was right @ 44 degrees. Fished for aboout three hours catching three fish in 5-6 pound class. Should be “rocking” pretty soon. I am sure you know this already.
        Tight lines!

        • Kev,

          Great report. I am going tomorrow for sure. Nice weather is coming! Buddy of mine got an 11 two days ago.


          • Was out there yesterday, what a beatiful day it was but the catch rate was kinda slow.Landed one, lost two others… all average size.
            Good luck up and tight lines.

  10. Two of us fished from 1:00 till dark today and landed seven with several missed fish. snow and cold but pretty decent considering the time of year. hitting both methods, nymphs and buggers.

    • I have had similar luck lately. It has been worth going for sure. I fished yesterday from noon until just before dark at Howards Bay. Fish were in around 2:30-4:00.


    • Had to be in Carson City on Thursday so I snuck up to the lake from 3pm ’til dark. Caught 1, missed one stripping. fish was about 20″ BobK

  11. Got an evening fish in yesterday from shore. Fished from two to five. Pretty slow. Landed one on a bucktail zonker. Hooked into a nice one on a cironomid but it gave me the slip after a really nice fight. It took my midge about five feet from the shore and I saw a few cruisers in the shallows. I take this as a good sign that the fish are finally starting to move into the shallower water. Let’s hope it starts picking up now.

  12. Rob, and all of you Pyramid Lake Warriors….thanks for all the information you provide. Got a question about gear and was wondering if anyone or maybe Rob could school me on. I want to try a switch rod out there at the lake next time i head up that way..i thought a TFO 11 ft 7 weight switch paired up with an Orvis battenkill vi reel might all match up together, BUT I don’t know enough about switch rodding on a lake to know how to spool the reel up. So any switch rodder’s or Rob ( know you been chasing those steelhead) might know enough to make a suggestion. Any information anyone might have will be gratefully appreciated. tight line everyone and I’m looking forward to my first trip up that way this year… keep those reports coming…..

    • Bill,

      good to see your voice. I will make a phone call or two before answering your question.

      Basically you want a line that you can roll cast 80 feet or so and it needs to sink fast and stay on the bottom.

      I will let you know on a good line to try by tomorrow.


  13. Fished yesterday from the boat. Landed fifteen fish. Biggest was twenty five inches. Most were caught in forty to sixty feet of water from ten to twenty feet deep. Water temp was forty nine degrees.

    • Lane,

      I have been fishing out of a pontoon boat trying to fish suspended in 20 feet of water. I have been doing pretty well but it is difficult to stay on the fish. I think it would be easier from a boat with good electronics. I have been catching fish but they move pretty fast and all of the sudden you are casting to nothing if you don’t go look for them again.

      Thanks for the report


  14. Fished yesterday. Kind of slow out there still. Fished for six hours and landed three. White beetle and black bugger in deep water. Saw some spin fisherman out too and seemed pretty slow for them as well. Let’s hope these storms bring a change for the better.

  15. Fished yesterday from the boat. Landed nine in five hours. Biggest was almost 7#’s. All were caught on bright colors from 15-20 ft deep in anywhere from fifty to one hundred and twenty feet of water. Water temp was 52 degrees avg and 46 on the south end where the river dumps in.

  16. Hey Rob,
    Have they started seeing any numbers around shore yet? Was thinking about heading out tomorrow to freeze my butt off for a few head shakes. Do you think this cold weather will bring the fish in?

    • Hey sorry I was out of town with no internet for a bit. There are no numbers to speak of but there have been some toads caught so far. It is worth doing for sure. It has become a little more like steelhead fishing lately. Not too many fish but plenty of fish over 10 pounds and some over 20 pounds.


  17. Rob has anything changed in the last month as far as the fish staying out in the deeper water?

  18. HOw is it out there now? I heard some really good reports from the opener and the week after. Is the bite continuing to improve?

    • Morgan,

      I just updated the fishing report. It has been kinda slow from shore or ladders but there have been some toads caught already.


        • Lane,

          sorry for the delay and thank you for your posts. I was out of town for about a month. I am back now and I will be spending way more time on the site. I have some really good news and interesting stuff to report. Look for more in the next day or so.


  19. Rob…..bill dyer…here….got back from Cabo the other day and wanted to check to see how or what was what up your way at pyramid…i know the season’s winding not much will be said on this site for a while. But…i just wanted to THANK YOU for putting it together and all the guy who posted on it. i enjoyed reading the information and post that came up,,and the opportunity to meet some real nice people. Thanks again bill dyer

    • Bill, Very slow year at the lake. My last trip was with 4 anglers and we had 8 chances in 5 hours total. 4 fish to the net. I am hoping that it was the year and not the fishery to blame. Talk to you soon.


  20. I drove up yesterday afternoon to pick up my trailer and hit the East Walker on my way home this morning. I packed no pyramid gear and only had a 5wt floater with some 16-22 flies. Decided to throw a Hares ear this morning up at Warrior and slowly strip it near the bottom. I was surprised with 1 male of about 20″ and 10 females from 17-19″. I did better in 2hrs than in my last 3 day trip in April. BobK

    • Ernie, Paolo,

      The fishing has not improved much. As a matter of fact I have taken my last two clients to another lake and wacked em. I have heard some good reports from the North Nets area. Fish are moving in and out of the first trough on days where there is some wind. I got a report from a buddy of mine. 2 anglers caught 17 fish in one day and one was around 30 inches. The water is in the high 50’s and should be perfect. It could still go off for sure but it is hard to say. There is so much else to do right now that it is hard to justify. I will be out there this week a couple of days and report asap.


      • I’ll contribute. Fished 5/5 and 5/6
        Sat. arrived at pelican little after 9AM. Very few shore fishermen. Just a few at the rocks and a couple of guys hauling out their chairs from the beach. Took that as a clue and went to N nets. Very few anglers here as well. Three from shore quickly became just me and one pontoon. Gave it a couple hours with SH. No fish. Lots of pelicans on the hunt.
        Went south at noon. Found a nice deserted drop off. A steady N wind had a good swell washing across the shelf. Don’t know water temp, but waders only needed for the cool north wind (mid 60’s)
        Soaked chironimids off the drop for good action. Landed 7 beween noon and five. Saw maybe a dozen+ cruisers up on the shelf.
        Sun. arrived back at same southern drop off 9 AM. Similar conditions. N wind, warm water. No cruisers seen today. 8 grabs for six hours, landed only three. Strange… sundays fish were all pilot pk strain and none of saturdays fish were obviously pilot. Pyramid 2012 is over for me, but if you go, and can PAY ATTENTION while you soak em, expect the occasional passer by to grab on.

  21. just got back from the lake. i would maybe consider the season over? fished south nets. friday i got 2 fish, saturday 1 fish all day, got the fish late at 730pm. sunday nothin. saw VERY few fish caught. SLOW. Pyramid, I will be back next spring, I hope you can deliver better than this!

    • I went sunday 4/29 also. Caught nothing and I have no excuses, as wind (5-10, blow from northeast) was promising early; then it laid down which is not good. Lake on high side; many fishermen on or near shore. Did see a few hookups total amongst a couple dozen anglers at Wino and nets combined. Fished noon-6 pm or so. Slow for me.

  22. Just got back today the 27th…First and far most important i want to thank Larry who i met on this site for the use of his fishing chair, my friend who has not been able to fish for year’s because of his back was able to sit in the chair and throw a line…he didn’t get any, but the thrill of being able to try was special for him…thank you again, it was wonderful meeting you and your wife..please call if your down our way ever if you need something.

    fishing…23rd……….3 hours on the water……no fish
    24th……… 8 hours between South nets, and North nets …4 fish
    25th……….10 hours North nets……. 5 fish
    26th………..10 hours North nets…….10 fish…
    Majority of fish caught on a midnight cowboys,,,,two on beetles, tried indicator fishing using maholo flies,,,,no takers,,,,,,all fish caught stripping..Ernie read your guys did well…thats it for me this year at pyramid,,heading off to Mexco and Hawaii ..Tight lines to all of you who head out to the lake…will read your post for fun, stay safe…See you on the water next year…..

    • Bill, not a problem. Just glad I could be of help. Just sorry I could not spend more time with you, Kenny and Spencer under the circumstances. But there is next year to plan outings. Hope you have a great time in your travels. Larry

  23. Fishing as tough as it gets. Fished 4/22 thru 4/24. 1st day fished 6 beaches, landed 5 fish, partner 7. New plan of attack, next day, north nets early dark and when light hits water go to deep drop off beaches. Didn’t like the way Wino looked, my favorite area under too much water, moved to Sandhole. Ended up with 12 fish including a 31″ long 19.5″ girth hen. 16 plus pounds. Partner ended up with 10 fish. Third day fished until 2pm, landed 10 fish and partner with 8. It is brutal fishing, very few fish running fish in shallows, biggest pod of fish I saw was 9 and most 2 or 3 fish cruising. Stripping on the deep beaches not working at all, must indicator fish to keep your fly in the zone for the longest period of time and just wit for the cruisers.


  24. Is the fishing as hot as the weather?
    From what i hear its still been quite rough.
    Heard of one guy fishn 4 hours and only landing 4 fish.

    • Ryan,

      Glass all weekend! Fishing was tough but the water is getting just about right. We need some wind.

      I will be out there Monday and Tuesday.


  25. Rob..thanks for the information….all of you guys are getting me going now, can’t wait to get there now on the 23rd.. a few of us will be hitting the beaches, the other two will boat and troll. Going to stay at Crosbys so it’ll be easy to hit the beaches early.. and stay late. I’ve tied up a few flies based on what i’ve read here and will most likely tie up a few more midnight cowboys. ( don’t know why..I got files coming out of my ying yang) but what the heck. Most likely my last opportunity to get up there this i hope the fishing heats up.. thanks and keep up all the post’s it helps those of us who have to drive a distance to get there… See you guys on the water….and tight lines to everyone. PS…don’t feel to sorry for me..heading off to Cabo in may for roosters in the surf, and hawaii in june for bonefish… on oahu .time, family and timeshares are great..

    • Bill,
      I saw a mention of bone fishing on Oahu. Do you know anything about fly fishing on Maui? Heading there in June for 2 weeks and want to get a line in the water. Any bone fish in Maui? Any info woudl be great! Cheers, Jason
      PS: i can get you my email if it makes conversation easier.

      • Hey…Jason…Aloha…Oahu..has the best flats for bones or Oio (oo e o ) as they are known in the islands. I not real familar with Maui, but i can tell you if you carry a travel rod and reel with you and have the time to explore a little you will hook fish. I bring my 9 weight because of the wind but a 7 or 8 will work, same set up you use at Pyramid. If you tie your own flies, go to Nervous water fly fisher hawaii, web site. a couple guys i know own it. There’s a section that shows you step by step how to tie some local type flies that will work on anything over there. Look for flat(s) to walk, bring some shoes you can walk in knee deep water and blind cast. You will hook something and if you hook a bone it will scream. I have caught bones up to 10 pounds. I will check in with a friend i know who throws a line over there from time to time and see if he has any suggestions. Where you staying???? you can shoot me an email I will be at pyramid on the 23rd Monday ..thru friday morning so it might take a few day to get back to you..

        • one more thing, don’t want to steer you wrong you want a floating line, a sinking line will get ripped up by the coral, (and even that may not save you on a large fish) and tie lots of flies, you will get broken off…email me so we don’t jamb up this site..

    • NOrth Nets. Fished again today with a first time fly fisher. We caught 3 in a half day but the casting was a little tough for her. Wind was right should have been good. Talked to Jay Clark and Cris Evison and they had similar reports. Looked like someone might have caught a biggy but it was hard to tell. Maybe tail hooked.

      • Fished for 5 hours on Friday, 13 April, S. Nets, wind from the West. Caught 4 and missed one, but only caught fish when the wind was calm, flat. All were slot fish, 21 to 23 inches, all Red Males.

  26. Fished the 2nd of Apr and caught 4. Missed a couple as well. Midday the popcorn beetle started producing strikes. As the afternoon progressed nymphing started to get quite productive. Word of mouth is the evening fish has been the best. I’ll be out again Saturday fishing the 4wt.

    • It’s starting to pick up !!!
      Just keep switching back an forth
      Tiny midges everywhere !
      Bring your tube an ENJOY !!!

  27. Hi my pops and I are gonna be coming up to pyramid on the 14th of april I was wonderin how the fishing is doin

    • It has been pretty slow but it is starting to pick up. Going to be a weird year with the water levels this spring. You are going to have to do things a little different.


    • The wind blew really hard over the weekend. It was hard to fish. There are a few more fish being caught and some big ones for sure. This week we should start to see some big changes.


  28. Rob: Do you believe the lack of water coming out of the hatchery has anything to do with the poor fishing. Last Mar 10-15 the water was in the mid 40’s and we had some very good days. I had a total of only 9 fish for 3 days this time and we showed temps as hi as 48/49 mid day. Thanks Bob

    • Bob, there are a couple of theories on why the fishing is bad. One is that the influx of water last spring allowed the Tui Chub population to explode. Whith the lack of storms this winter we have some really strong thermoclines built up in the lake. If this is true there could be a high concentration of fish in deeper warmer water with plenty of food to eat. The other one is that because the tribe has been realeasing Trout back into the lake at 4-5 inches for the past three years where they were 6-8 inches in years past that not very many of them are making it. The fact that we have a higher number of 10 to 20 pound fish in the lake could mean that the hatchery fish are getting eaten by the bigger fish. We will have to wait and see how the next two months go. If we do not see some numbers of fish caught as the water warms up then it is my belief we are going to have to take this matter to the tribe and stat to raise the fish to a larger size before releasing them.


      • Rob,
        I have given some thought about why this season is way off.
        Water quality is good, i.e. alkalinity.Water table is up i.e. more chubs,insects etc.Some say that the fish are in deeper water. Was Fishing on March 26,27,& 28 and only saw one boat out. If fish are deep why only one boat. Boaters can fish almost any depth and have advanced fish finders.I think that here are fewer fish.
        I spoke to the biologist, Nancy, and asked her if she had some thoughts about why the slow season of fishing this season. Her answer was that up to the fist time she was with the fishery, she left in 2004 and has returned this season, the fish that were released were in the 6″ to 8″ size and that since she left the size has dropped to 4″. She said the survial rate drops dramatically. It could take about two more months of fish rearing to get to 6″/8″. I then spoke to the person who was in charge of the gathering of the eggs, I think she is also in charge of the hatchery, she told me that is MONEY. The money to operate the hatcheries for another two months is not there i.e. salaries,electrity, food, etc. Does anyone know how the fishery funded????
        Well this is how.No money from licenses, launchig, camping and any other money collected by the Piaute Tribe goes to the fishery. All the money collected goes to the tribe. In 1970 the U.S. goverment gave money to protect the cutthroat, Endagered Species Act, that money was put into an endowment that the fishery invests. The money generated from that endowment goes only to continue the fishery. Well, as you know interest rates have been at historic lows. Therefore less money to keep fishery open longer to produce larger fish.
        So my conclusion, not by any credited study just a fisherman, is 4″ = less fish.
        Maybe, if us fisherman would pay an additional fee with our license for the additonal time needed to increase the size of fish to 6″ to 8″, with some type of accountability to be sure the money goes to the added time, that might help until the return on investments increases again.

      • Jeff,

        It was pretty slow this weekend. Fish being caught from Boats in about 15-25 feet. There are some fish around it should happen any time.


        • Fished whino Sunday, 17-18 guys showed up and left through out the day, not a fish. My son and I had a couple of bumps, and one “roller”. Water’s still cold…

  29. Looks like pyramid is going to have a week and a half of weather and wind. Hopefully the shelf will move closer in with this system. Up there at the end of march so hopefully things will shape up.

    • I fished the lake Sunday 3/11@pelican
      ALOTTA wind, (tuff casting)
      Didn’t see anyone catching fish !
      Another TUFF DAY @ the office.
      Never give up !!!
      Keep casting !!!

  30. first off thanks to all who post on this site, the information is especially useful to us guys who live several hours away. I know fishing is fishing but the information at least gives you an idea of what to expect if you plan to take the four or five hour drive. In a way i’m thankful that i don’t live up in the reno area because my wife would divorce me because id be heading out to the lake a lot..Ha..anyway…I will be returning during the last week of april with a bunch of guys. The question i have is for anyone who might be local to the area. I have a friend who has a real bad back and is unable to stand on a ladder for any amount of time. Sitting is fine for him, Im trying to find someone who would be willing to rent us their chair set up so we can pull or push it out there for him then help him up onto it so he can sit while throwing a fly. I’ve checked with fred at crosby’s and he doesn’t have any thing like that going on. If anyone knows someone who might entertain the idea i would be grateful for a shout out….

      • Larry…..thank you very much for the offer…we are now discussing the plans for the trip. Im waiting to see if the person who has the bad back is going to join us. My email is If you want to can you email a way for me to contact you if the chair is needed. i would be grateful.. bill dyer

        • Bill- another option would be the sandy points on SW side of lake. Think Indianhead, Wino, Sandhole and Blockhouse. Drop-off is close to shore in places. One could fish from a lawn chair on dry sand and get to deep water without getting wet. Just another option if needed.


  31. Fished the lake 4 days in a row…feb 27-28-29 and Mar 1st. YES we were there for that storm front that came through and the fishing was just the craps.

    First day we fished windless for 1/2 day 2 fish from shore. Fish were caught at dusk. Both on Tor p do lures, in frog pattern. Could not get a hit on buggers or any other flies for that matter after heavy fishing. No wind great weather just no fish around for the couple of hours we got to fish after driving up from the bay area.

    2nd day…went down to wino and blockhouse….moving from place to place did not see one fish caught…wind was howling which made throwing a fly almost a waste of time. Threw some lures but no takers…

    3rd day…storm came in that night, i have been going to pyramid for a while and i must say this is the first time i got worried that some object was going to come thru the walls of the trailer we were staying at, at Crosbys. We were happy thinking it would stir up the fish, in the morning but another very slow day with only two fish caught three of us fishing using buggers, tor p do’s etc. I think the fact that you are unable to get out to the drop off has a lot to do with why the fishing from shore is so poor, but At wino and blockhouse the drop off comes quick and still no fish.

    4th day….a ray of hope in the after noon down at pelican 4 fish caught on marabou tied on a jig head, using the reel and drop technique. (jigging) Most of the fish were taken down by the new pier they put out…near the launch ramp. All real nice fish.but in the size slot that made it necessary to put them back…..Next day we were off headed back to the bay area….hope to return the last week of April…water temp, needs to warm up a bit more so they will hopefully come into the shallow area’s. If things stay the same it will be difficult to wade out to the area in front of the drop off….tight lines everyone….

  32. fished south nets friday march 2 – sunday march 4. hardly anyone out there, we camped. water temp was 45. we caught fish, but it was slow. we were in the float tubes. ladders don’t make it out far enough to the 6 to 10ft drop off. we fished the drop off right at 10-12 ft of water. caught some nice fish, nothing over 24. beetle patterns, very few midge fish. we need the water to warm still!! fished up north near warrior for 1 hour, no bites. saw 1 fish caught off pelican while stopping by. north nets seemed pretty slow as well, but heard guys out in kayaks/float tubes were getting some fish. fishing seemed to pick up on sunday, im sure it will just get better from here, but let me know when, so i can make the 4.5 hour drive back up there!

  33. fished the first of march. landed seven. lost about five. nothing over 23″ though

    • Best report I have heard so far. Maybe it is starting to pick up. What were you using?


      • yea lets hope so. I was using my floating rig. Chironamid under a bugger. Very generous on the leader.

    • I called my buddies who just about live out there this time of year and it has been nasty. Big winds and cold. Not very many people fishing. We were out of town at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show last week so I have not had a chance to go. Look for a new report in the next couple of days.


  34. Fished this past Saturday and caught 4 fish on fly after all the fishermen left because the wind kicked up, one went 8 pounds

  35. Fished this past Saturday and nothing…… Threw flies, jigged, spoons, rattle traps, rapalas, etc etc etc etc

  36. Two of us fished up north on Feb 17th from 2:00 till Dark and landed 3 between us with a couple of misses each. Beats staying home.

  37. Fished on the 8th and caught 4 in 5 hours indicating. Biggest about 23″. Caught the first one early and the others between 9-11.

  38. Nothing good coming from this camp either. About 6 of us fished a couple different beaches the other day and only 1 fish caught between all of us. Guess it’s smart to wait until storms roll through or they start spawning.

  39. fished 3 days last week and did not get a single bite. I only got to see 2 fish caught by other bank fisherman